Narrating brand stories the millennial way.

Pindcart - Creative Direction and Website Development

Narrating brand stories the millennial way.

The Ask

Pindcart, dedicated to bringing Indian flavors to everyday lives, sought Artemedy’s expertise to create a compelling digital narrative.


The Approach

  • Comprehensive brand-building, including
  • An initial photoshoot, creative direction, and product catalog creation.
  • User-friendly website design and development.
  • Captivating visuals to showcase Pindcart’s offerings.
  • Engaging content that resonated with culinary enthusiasts.
  • Strategic social media management to cultivate a digital community.
  • Influencer collaborations for expanded brand reach.
  • Unique marketing campaigns, including “Try the Truffle,” “Picnic with Pindcart,” and “Recipe Contest with Influencers.

The Outcome

  • The brand reached 160,000 new accounts upon launch.
  • A remarkable 1,993,925% increase in reach and engagement.
  • A reel that garnered 220,000 views, indicative of high engagement.
  • A comprehensive brand presence, including a user-friendly website and captivating visual content.
  • An increase in brand collaborations and introductory sales