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Welcome to our Achievements Hub! Here, we take pride in showcasing our journey of excellence. Explore our latest awards, delve into our recent activities, and celebrate special mentions that mark our path of innovation and success. Join us in commemorating milestones and staying updated on our commitment to delivering exceptional services. Your support fuels our drive for continuous improvement and creativity. Let's celebrate achievements together!

Wommenovator - A Global Incubator for Women

24 04 2024

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The WE-Pitch Competition provides a distinctive platform for women entrepreneurs, social activists, and leaders to present their innovative ideas, share their inspiring journeys, and connect with like-minded individuals, all under the scrutiny of a distinguished jury from various segments. Shubhagata Mittal, the founder of Artemedy, participated in this prestigious event and emerged as a winner. Her exceptional pitch and the outstanding achievements of Artemedy impressed the jury, earning her recognition for her innovative approach and commitment to excellence in the marketing and design industry.

Ek Naari - 100 pe Bhaari

12 10 2023

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At the empowering event ‘Ek Nari Sab Pe Bhaari,’ Artemedy’s visionary leader, Shubhagata Mittal, was honored with the Woman Leader Award in Leadership. This recognition celebrates her exceptional contributions to entrepreneurship, education, and leadership. Accompanied by a featured article, Shubhagata and Artemedy shine in the spotlight of innovation and impact.

Super Indians

10 10 2022

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Recognizing the catalysts of change, the event celebrated Indian entrepreneurs making a profound impact on their communities. Amidst these luminaries stood Shubhagata Mittal, founder of Artemedy, acknowledged for visionary leadership and impactful contributions. Artemedy continues to exemplify innovation and community enrichment, carving its place among India’s transformative entrepreneurs.

Empower Hour with Shubhagata Mittal

21 08 2020

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Artemedy, chosen among a select 27 businesses globally by the University of the Arts London (UAL), is pioneering the Phygital revolution. The brainchild of extensive research, including expert interviews and surveys, our model empowers Indian SMEs to seamlessly integrate the next big thing in marketing, unlocking personalized strategies for every brand’s journey into the Phygital realm.

University of Arts London x Artemedy

16 9 2021

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Dive into the evolution of fashion marketing with Artemedy’s Founder, Shubhagata Mittal! In this project, Shubhagata explores the concept of Phygital Marketing—a fusion of physical and digital strategies. Uncover real-life AR and VR case studies and discover a strategic plan tailored for businesses to elevate their Phygital Presence. Recognized by the University of Arts London, London College of Fashion, this project is hailed as one of the best graduation works, setting new standards in innovative marketing. Explore the insights that are reshaping the future of fashion marketing!​

Articles and Special Mentions

Artemedy and its founder, Shubhagata Mittal, grace the pages of Ek Nari Sab Pe Bhaari, recognized for exceptional contributions in leadership.

The article delves into Shubhagata’s journey, shedding light on Artemedy’s innovative approach in shaping the landscape of entrepreneurship, education, and leadership.

Discover the empowering narrative that earned Shubhagata the prestigious Woman Leader award.

Step into the spotlight with Artemedy’s founder, Shubhagata Mittal.

Her exclusive garment, handpicked among many, took center stage at the Fashion Design Council of India’s Virtual Fashion Walk.

Dive into the pages of a newspaper article that captures the essence of this virtual fashion extravaganza, celebrating Shubhagata’s distinctive design showcased in the limelight

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