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The Ask

UPES (University of Petroleum and Energy Studies), a renowned institution celebrated for its diverse educational programs, joined forces with Artemedy to embark on a visionary project. Beyond clothing, this endeavor aimed to redefine university merchandise, crafting symbols of institutional pride that seamlessly blended academic legacy with contemporary design.

The Approach

  • Collaborated with UPES to create unique apparel merchandise.
  • Balanced branding with personal expression in design.
  • Carefully curated color palettes and graphic elements.
  • Designed a diverse collection, including T-shirts, hoodies, jackets, and caps.
  • Established seamless production processes and print-on-demand fulfillment.
  • Captured UPES’ brand ethos by merging modern aesthetics with classic style.

The Outcome

Artemedy’s collaboration with UPES resulted in a bespoke apparel merchandise collection that resonated with students and alumni. The designs not only celebrated UPES’ academic legacy but also catered to individuality and pride. Through innovative design, meticulous execution, and a deep understanding of UPES’ values, Artemedy brought the university’s ethos to life, seamlessly merging academia and artistry.