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Artemedy translates your brand’s vision into a unique digital experience. With a dynamic approach to design direction and brand strategy – we pilot brands to Cloud9.



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Midautumn Rains

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This is why we do , what we do- for you, our happy customer.We believe that a satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all. Don’t take it from us , have a look at what our customers have to say!


loved their work and dedication.
I came across Artemedy’s instagram page very randomly, and I am so happy that I went into it and looked for all details. Shubhi and her complete team including Komal , they are so good with detailing and suggestions. Thankyou for creating Keepsakes’ first catalog in such a beautiful way.



It’s a pleasure to work with artemedy
I must say, I couldn’t have asked for a better person to handle my social media presence. Shubhagata and her team are exceptional professionals who brought a wealth of knowledge, creativity, and expertise to my social media platform.Overall, I highly recommend Shubhagata – Artemedy to anyone in need of a talented and dedicated social media manager. They are a true professional and an asset to any brand.


Aditi Bhalerao

It was a lovely experience working with artemedy. The entire team was super co-operative and were able to understand the deliverables really well. They were creative and innovative in their strategy and implementation. Great time management and cost-effective planning. Highly recommended for brand communications!


Krista Joy Montgomery

Shubhagata was so quick and helpful in providing a mood board for my brand.
It was what I needed to present my idea to potential clients and the timing was perfect!

Conent Strategist

Akshata Tadapatri

Artemedy is just perfect for any kind of creative business.
The team really takes the time and effort to get to know the brand and the vision of the founder. Their approach is just right and they manage time very efficiently.
Off to a great start team, well done!

Maayu Founder

Vrinda Sharma

I had my first ever consultation with Artemedy and they’re brilliant!
I have yet to come across an agency that is so focused and customised in their approach.
100% recommended!

Yoga By Vrinz

Sanjana Dhond

Artemedy is a great team, they are amazing at helping you create a tangible identity for your brand.
I came across the agency via a friend and had an amazing time working.
I’ll be working with them again for further development of my brand and I’d definitely recommend them!!

Fluid Founder


It is not often that you feel warm and comfortable with a stranger, I believe the team at Artemedy is very human and understands human relationships. Way to go!

Founder, Heal- A Wellness Community

Shireen Wani

Team Artemedy is great – led by the wonderful Shubhagata, who makes sure to keep on her toes and pay heed to the client’s every need. Thank you for all of your efforts and for bringing us the Giveaway traction! Appreciate everything you have done and wish you all the best on your journey.



Artemedy is filled with bundles of surprises, Focused founder, Dedicated and cooperative team, Organised planning and apt execution, Appealing creativity, Affordable packages, And of course a holistic approach towards social media management are some of the essential qualities they possess. Working with them it’s always fun! May you guys rise and shine. Much love to each and everyone


RJ Neha

Artemedy struck me as a unique concept and outlet for all things wonderful and artsy. It was both delightful and uplifting to have Shubhagata on my radio show Muska Mornings with Mirchi Love, where she passionately spoke about her creation that helped so many especially during the lockdown, a time where a creative outlet was no less than a life jacket, a survival kit! I wish Artemedy all the very best for a colourful future!

RJ with Mirchi Love

Rohini Oberoi

I really enjoyed working with Artemedy team, especially Shubhagata. It is rare to find people with passion and a vision to bring creativity and self care to people in such unique ways. Looking forward to our next collaboration!

Artist, Yogi, Kaivalya Yoga Art