We build brands that inspire.

About Artemedy

Artemedy is a creative agency leading brands to their pinnacle. With specialization in digital experiences, we build brands that inspire. We harmonize creative direction with data analytics to manifest consistent growth and engagement. Artemedy understands your brand and its users and delivers a one of a kind experience to foster connection, conversion and loyalty.

Artemedy caters to a brand’s diverse needs at incremental milestones of launch and scale up- across various digital and phygital platforms. With a wide array of services to accommodate your customized goals and budget- we are your ticket to growth.

Why Choose Us?


We curate packages that are customized for your brand’s unique vision, goals and journey. You can build your own custom packages with the click of a button! Confused about what services are the right fit for you? Book a consultation call with our expert.

Budget Convenience

We understand that every brand and business has several financial responsibilities. We offer bronze, silver and gold versions of each service so you can find the best fit for your brand. Artemedy offers month-to-month billing for budget convenience.


To foster trust, connection and establish our supremacy in design and strategy- we offer a freemium model on certain services. You can experience a snippet of what we aim to create for you- before you pay!

E Learning

We empower our clients every step of the way. Our e-learning modules, 1:1 consultancy or team coaching sessions will enable you to hone your own or your team’s design, marketing and entrepreneurial leadership skills along with offering the comfort of learning while doing.

We dreamt of


Khwab is a social enterprise, an initiative by Artemedy.

Khwab- a handcrafted dream is a vision to present the indigenous crafts of India at global platforms. At Khwab, our mission is to bring every artisan’s story to a celebrated stature as it translates into one-of-a-kind apparel and accessories.

The artisans’ supremacy of skill is a gift of legacy. The community struggles to reach customers that value their craft through direct or transparent channels. Khwab aspires to bridge this gulf by ethically sourcing handcrafted pieces directly from the artisans while also educating them with the trends and practices of modern marketing. By tapping the potential of the artisan economy, we are making an investment into the future of sustainable consumption and at the same time reconnecting us to our roots.

Meet Our Team

Shubhagata Mittal

Founder & Creative Director

MA Entrepreneurship and Innovation from London College of Fashion

“ I am devoted to my mission of being instrumental in your journey of building your brand’s identity and cherishing your self identity.”

We are a family of several experts across varied fields like Photography, Creative Direction, Copywriting, Digital Marketing, Content Strategists, Web developers, 3D Designers and Animators.

Riya Narang

Communication Designer
& Project Manager

Komal Kumari

Lead Graphic Designer

Preetha Bose

Lead Marketing Manager
& Content Strategist

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